Less green. For less green.

Market research indicates the installed cost of a standard glass and metal curtain wall averages $90 per square foot nationally. What if you could get significantly more glass clarity—and less green—for $92 per square foot?

With Solarban® Acuity™ low-emissivity (low-e), low-iron glass, you can design an ambitious façade and actually realize it, on budget and on time. Vitro Architectural Glass has engineered the Solarban® Acuity™ low-e, low-iron glass system to combine the color fidelity of new, affordable Acuity™ low-iron glass—which is 60 percent less green than ordinary clear glass—with the performance you expect from the Solarban® family of glasses.

Upgrading an ordinary, low-e coated clear insulating glass unit (IGU) to a Solarban® Acuity™ glass unit typically will increase the total installed curtain wall cost by only $1 to $2 per square foot.

Give a little. Get it all. Request your samples at vitroglazings.com/acuity.

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